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The Alcalá Account Book

Project advised by Thomas O'Connor, Catherine O'Leary and John Keating, managed by Aja Teehan and John Keating, Maynooth, An Foras Feasa, 2008. The digitised material presented here is taken for the college’s account books or Libros de gastos del colegio de Alcalá (Russell Library, Salamanca Archives, Legajo S30, nos 1-3). They were placed in the archives of the Irish college, Salamanca on the closure of the Alcalá college in 1785 and were brought back to Ireland in 1951. They are now housed in the Russell Library, Maynooth College where they form part of the Salamanca Archive, the most important Spanish-language archive on these islands. This digitised version of the account books for the years immediately prior to the college’s closure offer a unique insight into the day-to-day running of the college with valuable information on diet, discipline and domestic matters.
As of 09/2018 the edition, once at seems to be gone. The wayback-machine has a snapshop of the landing page from 23.09.2010. What's left is an article about the project, published in Jahrbuch für Computerphilologie 10 (2010).


cf. Bartholomeus Engelsman, Van den Proprieteyten der Dinghen

InsAph - Inscriptions of Aphrodisias Project

Betreut von Gabriel Bodard et al., London, King's College London / Centre for Computing in the Humanities, 2005-. Projekt zur verteilten Internet-Edition der Inschriften von Aphrodisias auf der Grundlage eines community-spezifischen XML-Dialekts für epigraphische Texte (Epidoc) und in Verbindung mit archäologischen Informationen. Die teilweise bereits im Druck edierten Inschriften werden in das Projekt eingebunden und elektronisch neu herausgegeben (Beispiel).


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Baratynsky, Evgeny

cf. DSE: The FEB-Web Scholarly Digital Edition

Bartholomeus Engelsman, Van den Proprieteyten der Dinghen

Orlanda Lie et al., The Hague: Huygens Instituut, 2009. "Een diplomatische editie van de Middelnederlandse vertaling (1485) van de 13de-eeuwse encyclopedie De proprietatibus rerum van Bartholomaeus Anglicus" [from resource]

Batiushkov, Konstantin Nikolaevich

cf. DSE: The FEB-Web Scholarly Digital Edition


cf. Digital Nestle-Aland Prototype (Greek New Testament)

Bible, Oldest Manuscript

cf. Codex Sinaiticus

Bichitra Project: Online Tagore Variorum

cf. Bichitra: Online Tagore Variorum


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Project CARDS / Project FLY

Coordinated by Rita Marquilhas, Lisbon: Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa, 2012. The website presents two letter editing projects: (1) Project CARDS - Cartas Desconhecidas, Unknown Letters, aims on publishing c. 2000 private letters from 1500-1900. "The whole set is constituted by a majority of letters from court proceedings, and a minority (10%) of letters from aristocratic family archives." (2) Project FLY - Forgotten Letters, Years 1900-1974, concerns another sample of 2000 private letters "written in the contexts of war, migration, imprisonment and exile". The edition(s) provide facsimiles, transcriptions, TEI-XML-files (following the DALF-DTD), and PDF export as well as documentation, registers and indexes designed to cover questions of syntax, phonology, pragmatics, cultural and socio-political history, and sociology. It offers very clear browsing structures and good search facilities.

La entretenida by Miguel de Cervantes: A Digital, Annotated Edition and an English Translation

Ed. by John O’Neill, Paul Spence et al. London: King's College, 2014. "This edition presents a new perspective on Cervantes as a dramatist, and incorporates features that will be of interest to academics, theatre practitioners and translators alike. [...] The edition presents four versions of the Spanish text that allow different views of the punctuation and spelling (facsimile, modern spelling transcription, ed. O’Neill and unpunctuated), together with an English translation, by John O’Neill. With performance in mind, the verse is presented in a way that clearly displays the poetic form, while the Performance Information and Track Character menus provide useful information about what is happening on stage. Various indices (names, places, occupations, specialist terminology, sub-languages, proverbs and performance) and a Google Map of places mentioned help to contextualize the play." [from resource]

Electronic Variorum Edition of the Quixote (EVE-DQ)

Directed by Eduardo Urbina, College Station (TX), Texas A&M University, 1998-. [On the "Virtual Editor" of EVE-DQ:] "This interface allows users to compose virtual editions of the Quixote. The copies of all editions in the variorum have been collated and all variants have been identified, classified and annotated. Users can select editions and chapters and then access the unedited text (documentary text) or the same text edited by a particular editor.
Users may customize the virtual variorum edition by selecting categories of variants and inclusion of annotations and/or emendations to compose their own editions. The existing variants and emended texts are color coded according to their categories. Cli[c]king on any of the variants, emendations and annotations opens another window showing their specific details and information.
The unedited text shows only the variants resulting from the collation between the base text and all other copies. Clicking on the highlighted variants shows the complete list of variants present on the collation. Users can click on the Folio numbers shown in the text to navigate to the browsing display to further check readings in the facsimile editions" [from resource]

Four Early Chan Texts from Dunhuang – A TEI-based Edition 早期禪宗文獻四部 —— 以TEI標記重訂敦煌寫卷:楞伽師資記,傳法寶紀,修心要論,觀心論

Ed. by Marcus Bingenheimer 馬德偉, Chang Po-Yung 張伯雍. Taipei: Shin Wen Feng 新文豐, 2018. (Vol. 1: Facsimiles and Diplomatic Transcription 摹寫版 (ISBN: 978-957-17-2274-0), Vol. 2: Parallel, Punctuated and Annotated Edition 對照與點注版 (ISBN: 978-957-17-2275-7), Vol. 3: Calligraphy Practice 抄經版 (ISBN: 978-957-17-2276-4).) "This zip archive contains the XML data, schema, stylesheets, and associated material that are the basis for a print edition of 48 Dunhuang manuscript witnesses of four early Chan Buddhist texts." [from resource] DOI 10.5281/zenodo.1133490

Online Chopin Variorum Edition (OCVE). 2003-2004 (OCVE1) bzw. 2005-2008 (OCVE2)

Directed by John Rink, London / Cambridge, King's College London and University of Cambridge, 2010-. Projekt zur Edition der wichtigsten handschriftlichen Entwürfe und frühen Druckausgaben zu den "Werken" Chopins. Verfügbar waren zuletzt nur zwei kleinere Stücke (als annotierte Faksimiles), diese aber in bis zu 13 Versionen.

Codex Mendoza

cf. Códice Mendoza / Codex Mendoza

Codex Sinaiticus

cf. Codex Sinaiticus

CMCL - Corpus dei Manoscritti Copti Letterari

Unter der Leitung von Tito Orlandi, Rom / Hamburg, Università di Roma und Hiob Ludolf Zentrum Hamburg, 2003-2004. "The CMCL is an enterprise dedicated to the study of Egyptian Christian culture in the I-XII centuries C.E., especially for the documents in Coptic language. This web site contains the archives of the CMCL: texts, grammar, history of literature, catalogue of manuscripts, bibliography." [from resource] Die Online-Publikationen sind nur auf Subskriptionsbasis zugänglich.

Corpus Medicorum Graecorum / Latinorum

Hg. von Christian Brockmann, Berlin, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2005-2008. Das Langzeitunternehmen versucht neue Wege zu gehen. Zu Galen, Kommentar zu Hippokrates, Über die Gelenke ist 2005 eine "Probeedition" erschienen, die wahlfreie Zusammenstellungen von Handschriftenfaksimiles, neu erstelltem kritischen Text, Editions-Apparat, verschiedenen kanonischen Zählungen und Übersetzung erlaubt.

Court Books

cf. Wschowska księga grodzka, 1495-1526

Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica / Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica

Edited by Catherine Dobias-Lalou. Bologna: CRR-MM, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, 2017. ISBN 9788898010684, "The Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica (IGCyr) and the Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica (GVCyr) are two corpora, the first collecting all the inscriptions of Greek (VII-I centuries B.C.) Cyrenaica, the second gathering the Greek metrical texts of all periods (VI B.C.-VI A.D.). These new critical editions of inscriptions from Cyrenaica are part of the international project Inscriptions of Libya (InsLib). For the first time all the inscriptions known to us in March 2017, coming from this area of the ancient Mediterranean world, are assembled in a single online and open access publication." [from resource]


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DSE: The FEB-Web Scholarly Digital Edition

Unter der Leitung von Konstantin Vigursky, Moskau, Fundamental Digital Library Foundation et al., 2002. Streng genommen handelt es sich um retrodigitalisierte Druckausgaben. Der Anspruch ist es hier aber, zu den Autoren des russischen Kanons die jeweils besten Ausgaben als elektronische Volltexte verfügbar zu machen und mit weiterem Material (Forschungsliteratur, Briefeditionen etc.) zu kontextualisieren. Insofern erhebt das Projekt durchaus einen wissenschaftlichen und kritischen Anspruch. Verfügbar sind bisher die Editionen zu Pushkin, Batiushkov, Griboedov, Boratynskii, Tiutchev, Lermontov, Leo Tolstoy, Esenin, Sholokhov sowie als einzelne Werke "The Lay of Igor's Campaign" und als Werksammlungen "Byliny" und "Fairy Tales" (Skazki).

Dafydd ap

Ed. by Dafydd Johnston et al., Swansea, Swansea University, 2007. 171 Poems by Dafydd ap Gwilym. Including a manuscript database, manuscript images, transcriptions, edited texts, welsh paraphrases, english translations, audio versions, and contextual essays.

Daisne, Johan: De trein der traagheid

Hg. von Edward Vanhoutte et al., Gent, Centrum voor Teksteditie en Bronnenstudie, 2012. "Met deze digitale editie kunnen tot 20 versies van de tekst samen worden bekeken en geanalyseerd: van de drukproef voor de publicatie in het NVT uit 1948 tot de laatste geautoriseerde versie die verscheen tijdens het leven van de auteur in 1977 én een kritische leestekst. Deze verschillende tekstversies kunnen afzonderlijk worden geraadpleegd, met mekaar worden vergeleken en letterlijk naast elkaar worden gelegd op het scherm. Voor elke combinatie van teksten wordt een variantenapparaat gegenereerd waarvan het oriëntatiepunt door de gebruiker zelf wordt bepaald. Van het plan en het handschrift zijn digitale facsimiles opgenomen. Met behulp van de geavanceerde exportfuncties van de editie kan de gebruiker een uitprintbare PDF-versie genereren van een zelf samengestelde editie. Vanzelfsprekend bevat deze editie ook een verantwoording en een beschrijving van de tekstgeschiedenis. Ook de tekstcodering en technische aspecten van de editie worden gedocumenteerd. Een handleiding gidst de gebruiker doorheen de verschillende functies die de editie biedt." [from resource]

Früher war bereits erschienen: Elektronische editie (CD-ROM). Hg. Von R. Van den Branden, Edward Vanhoutte und X. Roelens. Gent, KANTL 2007.


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Engelsmann, Bartholomeus

cf. Bartholomeus Engelsman, Van den Proprieteyten der Dinghen

Entretenida, La

cf. La entretenida by Miguel de Cervantes: A Digital, Annotated Edition and an English Translation

Euripides Scholia

Beta version 1 Created by Donald J. Mastronarde, Berkeley (CA), University of California Berkeley, 2010. The "site is the home of a new open-access digital edition of the scholia on the plays of the ancient Athenian tragedian Euripides (born ca. 485-480, died winter 407/406 BCE).
There are [via filters] currently three levels of detail offered: full view shows each scholion followed by all public elements that have been provided in the edition (not all elements appear for every scholion); expert view shows the same but also adds two optional elements intended for the author and collaborators; the view with trans. and app. shows only the scholion and a translation (if available) and the apparatus criticus (if there are variants).
The content can be filtered to include everything (prefatory material or arguments and scholia of all kinds); only the old scholia (scholia vetera); all scholia except those tagged as glosses ..." [from resource]


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Benito Pérez Galdos: Toquemada en la hoguera. On-Line Edition

Ed. by Rhian Davies, Sheffield, Galdos Editions Project / University of Sheffield, 2005. ISBN 978- 095426083X. [From the intute-record:] "[...] users are able to compare different versions of the novel, uniquely brought together by this electronic edition; read contextual editorial notes to the text by rolling the mouse over highlighted words and phrases, as well as textual notes referring to issues in the transcription of the manuscript; refer instantly to extensive indexes of characters and places from Galdós's complete works; and conduct searches across the text for character names, words, phrases, places, dates and so on. Navigation through the novel is facilitated by a chapter index, and a full bibliography relating to the study of the Torquemada novels as well as Galdós's manuscripts is provided."

Het Geraardsbergse handschrift

Hg. von Herman Brinkman und Peter Boot, Den Haag, Huygens Instituut, 2003. Textausgabe (teilweise mit Abbildungen) einer mittelalterlichen Sammelhandschrift mit hauptsächlich mittelniederländischen Texten verschiedenster Textsorten. Technische Realisierung: TEI-XML per XSLT zu einer HTML-Präsentation verarbeitet.

Manuscrito digital de Juan Goytisolo

Directed by Bénédicte Vauthier, Bern: Universität Bern 2013. "Manuscrito digital de Juan Goytisolo es un proyecto de edición genética digital de los manuscritos de trabajo de Paisajes después de la batalla, novela de Juan Goytisolo. Nacido en el seno del Instituto de Lengua y Literaturas Hispánicas de la Universidad de Berna (Institut für Spanische Sprache und Literaturen, Universität Bern) bajo la dirección de Bénédicte Vauthier, Manuscrito digital de Juan Goytisolo tiene una faceta de formación de jóvenes investigadores. El proyecto de carácter internacional se ha realizado en estrecha colaboración con estudiantes de filología hispánica de la Universidad de Berna, de Digital Humanities (Zentrum für Digitale Edition, Universität Würzburg & École nationale des chartes, París) y de informática (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften [ZHAW]) y la ayuda de informáticos profesionales." [from resource]

Greek New Testament

cf. Digital Nestle-Aland Prototype (Greek New Testament)

Griboedov, Alexander

cf. DSE: The FEB-Web Scholarly Digital Edition


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Hesperia - Banco de datos de lenguas paleohispanicas

Directed by Javier de Hoz. Madrid: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2005. "El objetivo del Banco de Datos de Lenguas Paleohispánicas HESPERIA es la recopilación, ordenación y tratamiento de todos los materiales lingüísticos antiguos relativos a la Península Ibérica (y los relacionados con ella del sur de Francia), con la exclusión de las inscripciones latinas, griegas y fenicias." [from resource]

Registers van de Hollandse grafelijkheid 1299-1345

Ed. by J.W.J. Burgers. The Hague: Huygens Instituut, [no year given; before 2014]. "This is an electronic edition of the registers that were kept by the clerks of the Counts of Holland, Zeeland and West-Friesland during the period 1299-1345. These records register over 3,500 documents and other texts relating to the Counts’ administration, all of which are published here." [from resource]

Hollandse grefelijkheid

cf. Registers van de Hollandse grafelijkheid 1299-1345

Homer Multitext

Ed. by Casey Dué and Mary Ebbott. Houston: University of Houston, 2014. "The Homer Multitext project seeks to present the Homeric Iliad and Odyssey in a critical framework that accounts for the fact that these poems were composed orally over the course of hundreds, if not thousands of years by countless singers who composed in performance. The evolution and the resulting multiformity of the textual tradition, reflected in the many surviving texts of Homer, must be understood in its many different historical contexts. Using technology that takes advantage of the best available practices and open source standards that have been developed for digital publications in a variety of fields, the Homer Multitext offers free access to a library of texts and images and tools to allow readers to discover and engage with the Homeric tradition." [from resource]


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Henrik Ibsens skrifter (Henrik Ibsen's Writings)

Directed by Vigdis Ystad, Oslo, University of Oslo, 1998-. "Henrik Ibsens skrifter (HIS) er en historisk-kritisk utgave. Dette innebærer for det første at utgaven har som mål å presentere alt kjent skriftlig materiale fra Ibsens hånd i historisk-autentisk form, og videre at den derfor følger nærmere definerte retningslinjer og standarder for tekstkritikk og ord- og sakkommentarer. Disse standardene skiller seg fra dem som er fulgt i tidligere tekstkritiske utgaver av Ibsen. Henrik Ibsens skrifter er tidligere (2005–10) kommet ut i en trykt utgave (HISb). Bokutgaven begrenses til å inneholde ederte hovedtekster med ord- og sakkommentarer, innledninger, tekstkritiske redegjørelser og manuskriptbeskrivelser. For en nærmere redegjørelse for spesifikke prinsipper for bokutgaven (blant annet ordning av materialet), se bokutgavens bind 17, Utgavens retningslinjer. Den elektroniske utgaven (HISe) inneholder i tillegg til alt materiale fra bokutgaven samtlige tekstkilder til de ederte tekstene, det vil si alle manuskripter og alle trykte utgaver i dikterens levetid. Tekstkildene gjengis i diplomatarisk (bokstavrett) transkripsjon. Grunntekstene (i de fleste tilfeller førstetrykkene) og manuskriptene ledsages av faksimiler der dette har vært mulig å oppdrive. Tekstkildene kan stilles opp ved siden av hverandre slik at variasjonen mellom dem blir synlig. Feil i og tilleggsopplysninger til HISb står i en liste over Errata i HISe." [from resource]

Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica

cf. Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica / Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica


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Arxiu Virtual Jaume I - Documents d'època medieval relatius a la Corona d'Aragó

Vicent Garcia Edo, Castellón de la Plana (Spain): Universitat Jaume I 2006


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Søren Kierkegaards Skrifter

Ed. by Karsten Kynde. Electronic Version 1.7, Copenhagen, Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre, Version 1.1, 2007, ISBN 978-87-993510-3-9, Version 1.8.1, 2014, ISBN 978-87-993510-4-6. "Søren Kierkegaards Skrifter (SKS, Søren Kierkegaard's Writings) is a complete edition of all extant materials from Kierkegaard's hand: Published writings, including newspaper articles; unpublished writings; journals, notebooks, and loose papers; letters and handwritten dedications Kierkegaard wrote in books. SKS consists of a printed book version and an electronic version. In excess to the printed version, the electronic version comprises concordances and indexes." [from resource]

The Athanasius Kircher [Correspondence] Project

Ed. by Michael John Gorman and Nick Wilding, Florence / Stanford (CA) et al., Museo Galileo / Stanford University, 1998-2003. Projekt zur Erschließung der Korrespondenz Kirchers. Es gibt eine ältere Projekt-Adresse am Florentiner Institut und Museum für Wissenschaftsgeschichte. Unter der Stanford-Adresse ist die Installation eines DjVu-Plugins und weiterer Software nötig, um zu den Briefen zu kommen, die in einer Datenbank sachlich erschlossen sind und als digitale Abbildungen angeboten werden.
Andere Teile der Korrespondenz sind übrigens an der Herzog-August-Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel digitalisiert, transkribiert, übersetzt und publiziert worden.


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SVEA-Pommern - Karten und Texte der Schwedischen Landesaufnahme von Pommern 1692-1709

Unter der Leitung von Stefan Kroll und Reinhard Zölitz, Rostock, Universität Rostock, 2007-2010. "Karten und Texte der Schwedischen Landesaufnahme von Pommern 1692-1709. - GIS-gestützte Auswahledition des ersten deutschen Katasters im Internet.
Ziel des Projektes ist es, die insgesamt ca. 30.000 Seiten umfassenden Beschreibungstexte sowie die rund 1.000 Karten der Gebiete Pommerns nördlich der Peene in einer wissenschaftlichen Edition unter Anwendung modernster technischer Standards im Internet zur Verfügung zu stellen. [...] Bestandteile der Edition werden sowohl digitale Faksimiles der Originale als auch Bearbeitungen der im älteren Neuschwedisch vorliegenden Texte (Transkriptionen und Übersetzungen mit textkritischen und sachthematischen Annotationen) und Karten sein. Methodisch besonders innovativ ist die Verzahnung des Text- und des Kartenmaterials in einem Geoinformationssystem (Web-GIS)." [from resource]

Lazarraga Eskuizkribua: edizioa eta azterketa / The Lazarraga Manuscript: Edition and study

Edited by Gidor Bilbao, Ricardo Gómez, Joseba A. Lakarra, Julen Manterola, Céline Mounole and Blanca Urgell. Vitoria-Gasteiz: University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), 2011 (Version 1.0, 2010; version 1.2, 2011) "The website presents an edition and study of the so-called "The Lazarraga manuscript". The manuscript contains a pastoral romance and 67 poems, apparently written between 1567 and 1602. The texts are written in Basque (88%) and Spanish (12%). The manuscript was found in 2004 and consists of 55 sheets. Some of them are broken, and some other 20 sheets are currently lost. On the website the editors offer the text of the manuscript in five different presentations: (1) a critical annotated edition to be read online; (2) the same edition in PDF format; (3) the text put into modern spelling (in progress); (4) a Spanish translation (in progress), and (5) a facsimile of the manuscript. Moreover, the grammatical analysis of the text (in progress), a complete concordance of the text, and a list of bibliographical references are provided." [description provided by one of the editors]

Lermontov, Mikhail

cf. DSE: The FEB-Web Scholarly Digital Edition

Virginie Loveling: In Oorlogsnood. Virginie Lovelings dagboek 1914-1918

Tekstkritische editie door Bert Van Raemdonck, Gent, Centrum voor Teksteditie en Bronnenstudie (CTB) / KANTL, 2005. The link now points to a relaunch within the digital library for Dutch literature, Bert van Raemdonck, 2007.
There is only one internet archive snapshot of the old page (on the CD-ROM edition) from 2012


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Códice Mendoza / Codex Mendoza

Ed. by Noemí Cadena Corona et al., Mexico City, INAH, 2014. "The Codex Mendoza is the most significant and iconic document from sixteenth-century New Spain that describes the empire of the huey tlatoani (emperor) Moctezuma Xocoyotzin on the eve of the arrival of the Spaniards in the New World. [...] This digital edition of the Codex Mendoza represents the first attempt in the world to create a digital resource that permits an in-depth study of a Mexican codex. Through this work the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH; National Institute of Anthropology and History) demonstrates the broad-based utility of this type of edition and the need to seek new forms of representation for such complex systems of knowledge. At the same time, the effort furthers the permanent calling of the INAH to study, preserve, and spread awareness of the cultural patrimony of the Mexican people." [from resource]

Richard Minne en Frits Van den Berghe F. Een tong van lijntses. Geannoteerde leeseditie van de Brieven van Pierken (1931-1935)

Bezorgd door Vincent Neyt, Gent, Centrum voor Teksteditie en Bronnenstudie (CTB) / KANTL, 2002. ISBN 978-9072474449 (CD-ROM). Der gedruckten Ausgabe liegt eine CD-ROM bei - eine [Selbstbeschreibung] "elektronische editie met interactief notenapparaat, facsimile's, volledige concordantie, belangrijk bronnenmateriaal en een 50-tal audio brieven voorgedragen in het Gents door Bob de Moor" [u.a.]. Der Link verweist auf die Publikationsseite des Centrum voor Teksteditie en Bronnenstudie (KANTL).

Digital Mishnah

Developed by Hayim Lapin, with Travis Brown and Trevor Muñoz. College Park (MD): MITH (Maryland Institute for Technology and the Humanities) 2012-2013. "The Digital Mishnah Project will provide users with a database of digitized manuscripts of the Mishnah from around the world, along with tools for collation, comparison, and analysis. This demo provides fully marked up transcriptions of twenty-two witnesses to a sample chapter, Bava Metsia ch 2, and illustrates basic functionalities. In a number of cases, the witnesses available for browse expand beyond the sample chapter to include all of Bava Qamma, Bava Metsi'a, and Bava Batra." [from resource]

Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua XI - Monuments from Phrygia and Lykaonia

Peter Thonemann and Charles Crowther, Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents, Oxford: University of Oxford, Version 1.0, 2012 "Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua (MAMA) XI [is] a corpus of 387 inscriptions and other ancient monuments from Phrygia and Lykaonia, recorded by Sir William Calder (1881-1960) and Dr Michael Ballance (†27 July 2006) in the course of annual expeditions to Asia Minor in 1954-1957. The MAMA XI project has been funded by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and is based at the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents in Oxford." [from resource]

Moralische Wochenschriften

Klaus-Dieter Ertler, Alexandra Fuchs, Michaela Fischer und Elisabeth Hobisch. Graz: Zentrum für nformationsmodellierung in den Geisteswissenschaften, 2011. "Die journalistische Gattung der „Spectators“ oder Moralischen Wochenschriften, welche in England zu Beginn des 18. Jahrhunderts ihren Ausgang nahm, verbreitete sich bald in ganz Europa, bevor sie zu einem wichtigen Indikator für das Diskurssystem der Aufklärung wurde. Unser auf mehrere Jahre angelegtes Projekt verfolgt das Ziel, eine zentrale Datenbank für sämtliche europäische Moralische Wochenschriften zu erstellen. Derzeit stehen Darstellungen und Analysen von spanischen, italienischen und französischen Texten zur Verfügung. Dabei werden zahlreiche Perspektiven der Darstellungsebenen und Erzählformen sichtbar gemacht." [from resource]

eMunch - Edvard Munchs Tekster, Digitalt Arkiv

Ed. by Mai Britt Guleng and Hilde Bøe, Oslo, Munch Museum, 2011. Die "Schriften" Edvard Munch umfassen vor allem seine Korrespondenz, aber auch andere Textsorten. Diese sind als (quellennahe) Transkription und als Faksimiles (auch in einer synoptischen Darstellung) verfügbar. Das Material wird durch Kommentare, Register und ausführlichere Artikel kontextualisiert. Technisch baut das Archiv auf TEI-codierten Texten und einer eXist/Cocoon-Architektur auf.


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Digital Nestle-Aland Prototype (Greek New Testament)

Published by the Institute for New Testament Textual Research of University of Münster in collaboration with Scholarly Digital Editions and the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Münster / Birmingham / Stuttgart, 2003-2005. (offline since 08/06) "The Digital Nestle-Aland is the forthcoming electronic version of the standard scholarly edition of the Greek New Testament. It offers two major features not available in the printed book: (1) Transcripts of important Greek manuscripts of the New Testament, (2) New complete apparatus based on these transcripts." [from resource]

New Testament

cf. Digital Nestle-Aland Prototype (Greek New Testament)


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Ogham in 3D

Nora White (Pricipal Investigator), Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2015 "Ogham stones are among Ireland's most remarkable national treasures. These perpendicular cut stones bear inscriptions in the uniquely Irish Ogham alphabet, using a system of notches and horizontal or diagonal lines/scores to represent the sounds of an early form of the Irish language. The stones are inscribed with the names of prominent people and sometimes tribal affiliation or geographical areas. These inscriptions constitute the earliest recorded form of Irish and, as our earliest written records dating back at least as far as the 5th century AD, are a significant resource for historians, as well as linguists and archaeologists. [...] The ultimate aim of the Ogham in 3D project is to laser-scan as many as possible of the approximately four hundred surviving Ogham stones and to make these 3D models freely available on the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies website as part of a multi-disciplinary archive of Ogham stones." [from resource]


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Les manuscrits arabes des lettres de Paul de Tarse

Rédigé par Sara Schulthess et Claire Clivaz. Lausanne 2016. "Ce carnet de recherche a publié les réflexions et les découvertes en lien au projet FNS Les manuscrits arabes des lettres de Paul de Tarse (2013-2016), entre janvier 2014 et septembre 2016. [...] Ce fonds FNS a obtenu une continuation pour un nouveau projet FNS 2016-2018, qui est publié en continu sur un environnement virtuel de recherche (VRE), HumaReC (ISSN 2504-5075), à l’adresse Il porte sur l’unique manuscrit trilingue grec, latin, arabe actuellement répertorié parmi les manuscrits du Nouveau Testament, le Marciana Gr. Z. 11 (379), GA 460." [from resource] L’édition de 1 Corinthiens dans le Vaticanus Arabicus 13 est disponible sur

Pushkin, Alexander

cf. DSE: The FEB-Web Scholarly Digital Edition


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Rabindranath Tagore

cf. Bichitra: Online Tagore Variorum

Registers van de Hollandse grafelijkheid 1299-1345

The registers of the Counts of Holland in the Hainaut period, 1299-1345. Project lead by J.W.J. Burgers. Huygens ING,, no publication year found. "This is an electronic edition of the registers that were kept by the clerks of the Counts of Holland, Zeeland and West-Friesland during the period 1316-1345. These records register some 3,400 documents and other texts relating to the Counts’ administration, all of which will be published here. The registers pertaining to Zuidholland, Kennemerland, Amstelland-Waterland and Friesland are the only ones published to date, but the other regions will follow in the foreseeable future. [There is a chronological list of all the published texts and a search window to access single texts. A] 'Registers' button gives access to a list of the record volumes that have been published so far. Within each volume, one can choose between a codicological description and the option of virtually leafing through the volume in question. From an image you subsequently have the option of clicking on to the text or texts found on the page in question." [from resource]


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cf. SVEA-Pommern - Karten und Texte der Schwedischen Landesaufnahme von Pommern 1692-1709

Sholokhov, Michail Aleksandrovich

cf. DSE: The FEB-Web Scholarly Digital Edition


Codex Sinaiticus

Directed by Ronald Milne and John Tuck, London, British Library, 2007. "Codex Sinaiticus is one of the most important books in the world. Handwritten well over 1600 years ago, the manuscript contains the Christian Bible in Greek, including the oldest complete copy of the New Testament." [from resource] The edition contains high-quality images, physical descriptions, transcriptions, critical annotations and translations.

Scholarly Digital Editions of Slovenian Literature

Directed by Matija Ogrin and Tomaž Erjavec, Ljubljana, Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 2004-2007. "The aim of the project 'Scholarly Digital Editions of Slovenian Literature' is to compile a collection of digital text-critical editions of Slovenian literary works and sources for literary studies. Our goal is to leverage the advantages offered by the electronic medium and, using advanced IT methods as well as applying principles of traditional textual criticism or ecdotics, show the communicative potential, historical complexity and linguistic idiosyncrasies of these texts." [from resource] Als technische Grundlage wird TEI-XML (P4) verwendet.

Stijn Streuvels: De teleurgang van den Waterhoek (The decline of the Waterhoek)

Ed. by Marcel De Smedt and Edward Vanhoutte, Amsterdam / Gent, Amsterdam University Press / KANTL, 2000. ISBN 978-9053564411 (CD-ROM). Eine "Electronic-critical edition" auf CD. "The CD-ROM presents the full text version as it first appeared in its pre-publication form in De Gids; the first edition (with word clarifications); the revised second edition, the digital facsimile of the complete manuscript, the pre-publication and first editions as corrected by Streuvels himself; together with the edition of 71 letters from Streuvels' correspondence and several scholarly articles on the subject. The MultiDoc Pro on-the-fly SGML Browser software provides advanced search options and makes it possible to annotate the included material, bookmark certain sections, and even create your own hyperlinks. An extensive English manual is included on the CD." [from resource]
Der Link zielt auf die Dokumentation zum Projekt.

Besprechung: Stolk, F.R.W.: "Stijn Streuvels, De teleurgang van den Waterhoek". Nederlandse Letterkunde 6/1 (2001). S. 90-92. Van der Weel, A.: "Stijn Streuvels, De teleurgang van den Waterhoek." In: TEXT. An Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies 14 (2002), S. 343-350.
The link now points at the last internet archive snapshot from 2011.
The content of the CD has been relaunched as online edition within the Digital Library for Dutch Literature.

Suda On Line: Byzantine Lexicography

Directed by David Whitehead (Senior Editor) and Raphael Finkel (Technical Director), Stoa Consortium 2000-2014. "The Suda (or Stronghold) [is] a massive 10th century Byzantine Greek historical encyclopedia of the ancient Mediterranean world, covering the whole of Greek and Roman antiquity and also including Biblical and Christian material. Preserved in several medieval manuscripts, it has been edited and published several times since the end of the 14th century in traditional hard-copy scholarly editions [...]. The Suda On Line (SOL) project, begun in 1998 as part of the Stoa Consortium, opens up this stronghold of information by means of a freely accessible, keyword-searchable database, with English translations, notes, bibliography, and links to other electronic resources. With contributions (as Translators and/or Editors) from more than two hundred people worldwide, the SOL reached the landmark of all entries being translated and “vetted” (edited) to a usable standard on July 21, 2014." [from resource]


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Bichitra: Online Tagore Variorum

Coordinated by Sukanta Chaudhuri, executed by the School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, 2011 "Bichitra is the biggest integrated knowledge site devoted to any author in any language to date. It comprises most versions of nearly all Rabindranath’s works in Bengali and English. It excludes most letters, speeches, textbooks and translations, except Tagore’s translations from his own Bengali. It includes digital images of virtually all his manuscripts and authoritative print versions (47,520 pages of manuscripts and 91,637 pages of printed books and journals); plain-text transcripts of all these versions; a search engine to locate words and phrases in Rabindranath’s works; a collation engine to compare different versions of a work at three levels, section (chapter, act/scene, canto or other large unit), segment (paragraph, dramatic speech or stanza), and detailed wording; a checklist of the contents of each manuscript; [and] a bibliography of all authoritative manuscript and print versions of each work" [from resource]
There is also a very useful introductory video on YouTube.

Tolstoy, Leo

cf. DSE: The FEB-Web Scholarly Digital Edition

Zacharias Topelius Skrifter

Directed by Patricia Berg, Helsinki: Society of Swedish Literature in Finland 2010ff "En historisk-kritisk utgåva. Zacharias Topelius Skrifter (ZTS) är en historisk-kritisk utgåva. Texten etableras efter analys av manuskripten och tidiga upplagor. Utgåvan redogör för författarens ändringar och tillägg under arbetsprocessen och för de ändringar som han gjorde i senare upplagor. De utgivna verken förses med inledningar som både placerar in dem i Topelius författarskap och som belyser deras historiska och litterära bakgrund och deras betydelse i Topelius samtid och senare. Därtill förses de mest centrala verken med kommentarer som ger sakupplysningar och förklaringar till enskilda textställen." [from resource]

Tyutchev, Fyodor

cf. DSE: The FEB-Web Scholarly Digital Edition


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Vincent van Gogh - The Letters

Ed. by Leo Jansen, Hans Luijten and Nienke Bakker, Den Haag, Huygens Institute, 2012. "All the surviving letters written and received by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) are contained in this edition of his correspondence. [... It] include[s] not only complete facsimiles, but also the texts of Van Gogh’s letters in a parallel reading text version that retains the line breaks of the originals, a reading text version with continuous text, and a new English translation that renders the meaning of the original as faithfully as possible and is consequently not literary or interpretive.
The commentary, and in particular the annotations, is as complete as possible and as exhaustive as [...] was necessary to clarify the content of the letters – sometimes in a very nuanced or detailed manner – for modern readers. [The editors] have as far as possible identified Van Gogh’s literary and visual sources and illustrated all the works of art that could be traced. [...] The twofold objective behind all this was to publish Van Gogh’s letters as he wrote and intended them, and to place the correspondence as a whole in its historical context. The introductory chapters likewise serve this purpose." [from resource]


Van Nu en Straks. De Brieven

Hg. von Bert Van Raemdonck, Gent, Universiteit Gent / KANTL, 2011. "Het corpus omvat 1.419 brieven. Ze zijn getranscribeerd, gecodeerd en geannoteerd volgens de DALF Guidelines van het Centrum voor Teksteditie en Bronnenstudie (CTB-KANTL).
De geannoteerde brieven bevatten o.m. verwijzingen naar bijna 2.500 personen, 500 plaatsnamen, 1.000 titels van boeken, 650 tijdschriftartikelen en 350 gedichten. Een netwerk van 3.600 hyperlinks maakt een intuïtief en associatief gebruik van het corpus mogelijk.
Het corpus omvat behalve een kritische en een diplomatische transcriptie van alle bronnen ook een gedetailleerde beschrijving van alle relevante metadata en meer dan 3.000 digitale facsimile-afbeeldingen." [from resource]
"This fully eXist-driven web interface allows users to browse, search, view, and export the encoded letters or custom selections of letters in various formats: XHTML, XML, PDF. The letters can be visualized as reading text, diplomatic transcription, or XML source view, and facsimiles are offered where available. Most of these 1500 letters are in Dutch (180 are in French), and all of them deal with the Flemish literary journal 'Van Nu en Straks' (1893-1901). The encoding of the letters follows the DALF Guidelines for the Description and Encoding of Modern Correspondence Material (see ), a customization of the TEI P4 Guidelines. So far, all information in the edition is in Dutch. An English version of the edition interface is available." [from mail to Hmanist Discussion Group]



Bajo la dirección de Marco Presotto; PROLOPE, Barcelona / Università di Bologna, CRR-MM, Bologna, 2015. ISBN 9788898010257, doi:10.6092/UNIBO/LADAMABOBA "El proyecto que aquí presentamos ofrece una aplicación web de carácter científico dedicada a La dama boba y a su tradición textual, uniendo el interés divulgativo con la atención a los aspectos ecdóticos. Esta edición en línea pone a disposición el texto crítico con su aparato de variantes y notas complementarias pero también, por primera vez, un archivo de los testimonios utilizados y su transcripción." [from resource]


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Wschowska księga grodzka, 1495-1526

[The Court Records of Wschowa (1495–1526). Digital Edition] Ed. by Marek Słoń and Urszula Zachara-Związek. Warsaw: Polish Academy of Science, 2018. Facsimile plus indexing of named entities (persons, places) as database with geographical information system (map). Article about the edition in Atlas Fontium, 2018


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Yesenin, Sergei

cf. DSE: The FEB-Web Scholarly Digital Edition


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siddham - The South Asia Inscriptions Database

Provided by the "research project Beyond Boundaries: Religion, Region, Language and the State" [no persons named]. London: British Library 2017. As of 4/2018 contained 594 records (215 inscriptions, 379 objects).

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রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর

cf. Bichitra: Online Tagore Variorum

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